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" I normally do not like to use condoms but with Rindu Manjakani it's another story.
The feeling is great... it's as if the condom is not there.
- C. Wang -

" Rindu Manjakani is so different from other condoms.
My wife and I, we find Rindu well lubricated and amazingly,
it gives us the "honeymoon" feeling again!!!
- M. Ali -

" We use Rindu Manjakani as a form of family planning given that we already have 5 children. "
- A. Manaf -
Rindu Manjakani condoms are
available at RM3 per packet of 2 pcs.

Should any retailers need additional
info, please feel free to call our
Hotline 012 3270986 or
email us at
Disclaimer : Please do not continue to view the website if you find the use of condoms to violate against your personal beliefs.
Available at selected BHP outlets.